Are you worried about your visa acceptance, or being troubled due to the nightmare it has been giving to you? Relax! It is common for the students who are trying for Study Visa in Germany. So, what are the factors of visa rejection or why the German Embassy refuses to give acceptance to some students? If these thoughts have covered your mind, then, this blog is all you need. Here are some reasons which could lead to the rejection of your German student visa.

  1. Not proficient in English or German Language

So, the first reason could be your language proficiency, as the visa officer will see that you can comprehend the lectures and pass all the tests held in the university. If you have not passed the language level test, it would be difficult for you to get the Study Visa.

Tip: Make sure to indulge in the rigorous sessions of language learning, you can acquire help from the best German Language Course in Delhi.

  1. Fragile academic timeline

Here’s comes to one of the most important options in this list, that is, the academic trail! If you didn’t have a good score in your previous academic juncture, visa officer will never apprehend your eminence. Being one of the toughest educational systems in the world, they will notice even a small dropout in your academic curvature.

Tip: So, the key is to work on other aspects and show them that you will come out as a credit to their university and do a meaningful contribution to the campus.

  1. Weak financial eminence

Financial statements that certify sufficient funds to support your expenses throughout the course. It is a very important document that is mandatory to submit to obtain a study visa. Although most of the institutions do not charge tuition fees, you will still need to show that you are financially fit to survive in Germany. The German Embassy has the concern that the students would able to concentrate on their studies rather than being distracted due to financial difficulties.

Tip: Ensure that your bank balance is enough to sustain your living in Germany so that the visa officer can easily agree that you can afford your accommodation during your stay.

  1. Selection of program 

The case where you ought to select your desired course but that didn’t match your previous academic trail, then your preference for the course is in suspicion of visa officers. That being said, educational succession plays a major role in visa acceptance and thus, you need to give your full attention while writing your academic trail. If the authorities are not convinced about your educational transition, your application can be rejected.

Tip: So, try to apply for a course that reflects your excellence and connection with it.

In Conclusion

So, aforesaid are the pointers which you need to consider before attempting for a study visa for Germany. Make a note to all the pointers and do the things accordingly. In case you need professional help, reach out to the best German Language School in CP.

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