Saying sorry is a basic etiquette that you must know when you converse with someone. Just like you have different forms of apologizing in English, saying I am sorry in German is a different story altogether, depending upon the situation at hand. When you don’t know too much German in a country that speaks the language, you may land into some awkward situations, finding it hard to figure a way out. Well, worry not, because you have come to the right window.

Sorry is a word that is on the tip of our tongues every single time. You run into a person, you say sorry. You accidentally step on someone’s foot in the metro, you say sorry. You didn’t hear the other person said, you say sorry. In short, the word has become a part of our lives. Communicating your apologies in German is the best way to avoid embarrassing situations.

Here, we are going to tell you how to say I am sorry in German in five different ways. So pick your situation and apologize!








When you have the right way to say I am sorry in German, while travelling in Germany, you can easily find your way out of tricky situations. So use these German words that you’ve learnt so far. For more in-depth knowledge about the German language, pick the best German language course in cp.

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