Deutschland is the land of excitement and discoveries. Home to 82 million people, the country not only encompasses untold history and unfolded mysteries, but also has a knack for excitement, surprise, joy, and anger. The German language, spoken by 95 million people worldwide has its own interesting way of expressing various moods, making it even more appealing to outsiders.

The German language with its typical German exclamations continues to win hearts and makes us laugh and smile. There are some German Language Classes in Delhi that teach you to use these German expressions and flaunt them wherever you go.

Have you ever wondered why it’s important to use exclamations? Here are some reasons that explain the need for exclamations and interjections in any language that you speak:

Have a look at these typical German Exclamations and interjections

  1. He! (Hey! / Oi!)


    Imagine you’re walking on the footpath like a good citizen and someone on a cycle hits you, and worse, doesn’t apologize. Felt it? Yes, that’s when you say “He!” which means “Hey!” or “Oi!”

  2. Genau (Exactly!)


    This expression is an affirmative that makes two people feel that they’ve been in the same situation or gone through the same thing. You find crowded trains, and your friend would say “Genau” as an expression to tell you that he also faces the same issue.

  3. Autsch! (Ouch)


    Someone steps on your foot in a crowded public space, and you say “ouch!”. That’s a word that expresses that you’re hurt, or feeling uncomfortable. Though Autsch is the German word for ouch, people in Germany also use “ouch” to express discomfort.

  4. Igitt (Eww)


    Did you just stepped on a puddle, Eww! See that? That’s how Germans express disgust. There are other alternatives such as “yuck” or ugh” that can be used to express detestation.

  5. Mist! (Damn)


    Mist is one of the most common German exclamations of anger. Its the word used to express frustration. You made a beautiful sketch and accidentally spilled coffee on it, “Mist!” you shout. It is a satisfactory expression that at least lets you take out your frustration on something that didn’t work out well for you.


When it comes to the use of compound German skills, the German language proves to be quite flexible and overwhelming. If you are living in Germany, these German exclamations and interjections are there by your side o express joy, anger, surprise, or frustration. Suiting all moods and situations, these expressions are your ideal partner. So learn the language, its perks, and forms from the Best German Language Institute in Delhi and express your thoughts and feelings like a free bird!

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