Are you preparing for a trip to Germany? If yes, then you must try to enrol yourself in one of the German language institutes in your region so that you can get by easily while being in Germany.

However, there are some important expressions in German which will certainly prove to be highly beneficial for you when you are roaming around Germany.

So, without any further delay, let’s take a look at the topmost and most useful German expressions that you must know while living in Germany.

  1. Ichhabemichverlaufen

Meaning – “I am lost”

It is not surprising if you get lost in a town that is completely new to you. If such a situation arrives, apart from getting nervous or afraid, you must first calm down and find somebody to say “Ichhabemichverlaufen”. This will let the others know that you are lost and they will help you get back on track.

  1. Wievielkostetes?

Meaning–“How much does this cost”

If you are having the best time of your life in Germany, it is no surprise that you must be wanting to buy something for yourself or relatives back home. During shopping, when you want to ask the cost of some item, say “Wievielkostetes?”. This way, you are unlikely to get looted by the shopkeepers.

  1. Woist der Bahnhof?

Meaning – Where is the train station?

In Germany, it is very common to use public transportation as it is the most convenient way to travel around the country. So, if you want to move from one place to another in Germany via train and have no idea where the train station is, just ask someone “Woist der Bahnhof?” and you will get the answer.

  1. Woist das Krankenhaus?

Meaning–Where is the hospital?

In case, if you come across a situation in Germany where you need to go to the hospital or take someone else to the hospital but you don’t know where the hospital is located, then you can ask someone in German “Woist das Krankenhaus?”. This way, you will quickly get to know where the hospital’s at.

  1. Konnensiemirein Taxi zurefen?

Meaning–Can you call me a taxi?

During the night, one of the best ways to get back to your accommodation is via cab in Germany. And if you German is not good and is making the cab booking process difficult, you can simply ask someone to book your cab by saying “Konnensiemirein Taxi zurefen?”.

  1. SprechenSieEnglisch?

Meaning – Do you speak English?

Last but not least, if you are finding it difficult to communicate in German, and want to talk in English, just say “SprechenSieEnglisch?” to the other person. If they know English, good for you and if they don’t, then you must try something else.


So, the above stated are the most useful phrases in German that might help you to a great extent when you are roaming all over Germany or Europe, for that matter. However, it is highly advised to enrol in a German language course in CP before heading to Germany.

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