What are your reasons for moving to Germany? Is it due to a job, your spouse or just because? No matter what your reasons are but the truth is along with feeling excited about the abroad relocation, it is simultaneously quite unnerving to settle in a different country altogether. How so? Well! You go far from your loved ones like your family and friends and live at a place which you know nothing about.

However, lucky you! Here, you will get to know what most of the German expats wish they knew before they took a daring move of shifting to Germany.

  1. Know German

Although the majority of Germans understand English very well, they have the utmost respect for their culture and prefer talking in the German language. So, if you would like to make a better connection and make your living comfortable in Germany, it is good to learn German from a good German language institute before moving to Germany.

  1. Peaceful Sunday

In Germany, you cannot hope to go shopping or mow your lawn because Sundays are literally the “rest days” in Germany. Basically, all the retail shops are closed except gas stations, churches, etc. and everybody is expected to keep quiet and maintain a peaceful environment.

  1. Begin accommodation search early

It is not easy to get accommodation in Germany most of the time. If you are looking for a decently priced apartment, then you will have to try a little harder. Sometimes, it takes months to get an abode which can make you feel stressed. Hence, to avoid such a situation, make sure that you begin with your accommodation search as early as possible.

  1. Germans are too blunt

Saying that Germans are rude might not be exactly true but sometimes it really feels so. It is not because they are actually being rude but because of their culture in which they have grown up. Germans do not believe in sugarcoating things, hence they end up speaking their mind which often makes the other person feel quite offended. In reality, Germans do not mean to be rude, it’s just a matter of cultural difference.

  1. Germans seriousness regarding recycling

In Germany, recycling is a very serious concept and all the Germans abide by the recycling rules. The extent to which Germans can go for recycling can be easily proved by seeing the different categories of dustbins all over Germany. Yes! Germans have categorized the type of trash that would go to a specific coloured- dustbin. For instance, the green dustbin is for all trash biodegradable, blue is for paper, yellow is for packaging items like Tetra Packs, and black is for the rest non-sortable items.

  1. Most Germans ride bikes

The most preferred mode of transportation in Germany is none other than biking. Germany is even one of the top 5 European countries where people cycle the most. Germany even has strict laws regarding cycling and you will find various lanes dedicated only to the cyclists.


So, these were the few of the many things that I wish I knew before stepping into Germany. Now, keep that in mind and do not forget to take the best German language classes before moving to Germany.

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