Germany is home to some of the best universities in the world, and the educational programs offered to the students are highly accredited and universally applicable. Are you an aspirant wanting to pursue masters in Germany? Worry not; as we are here to tell you everything you need to know about the university system in Germany.

Pursuing higher education from Germany is a win-win deal for international students as they are exposed to a sea of opportunities, with a lot to learn and experience. The erudite professors that form the faculty of these universities offer unlimited learning to the students which are highly applicable in real life, and are not just focused on getting good grades.

The study in Germany requirements comprises of learning the German language for basic communication in the country. So the first thing you need to do is enroll in a German Language School in Delhi and exhibit excellent German language techniques.

Here’s a complete guide to the university system in Germany:

Universities in Germany can be private or state-funded. While private universities charge a high tuition fee, public universities offer education free of cost. You must be thinking that it’s a hoax. Believe us, it’s not. The German government operates with the belief that education is a necessity and not a luxury, and hence should be available free of cost. Hence, free education in Germany for international students is a treat.

Providing education for free doesn’t mean that it’s not recognized. A degree from a German university is valid in all parts of the world. The quality of education offered is world class, with heaps of exposure and intercultural bonding.

As far as private universities are concerned, only 5% of the students attain education from them, because they are quite expensive.

Courses offered in Germany


Universities in Germany offer a wide range of courses, which are classified under the following categories:

  1. Technical Universities

    Technical Universities
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    The degrees offered in German universities follow a theoretical approach, where internships and external examinations play a crucial role. The academically oriented programs under technical universities or simply called universities comprise doctorate degrees, engineering, and medical schools. Pursuing a Ph.D. from a technical university carries a high value.

  2. University Of Applied Sciences

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    These universities focus on the practical application of concepts and prepare the students for real-life situations and the ways to deal with them on a professional front. The universities of applied sciences offer degrees in the field of business, media, technology and social affairs.

  3. Colleges Of Art, Music, And Film

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    These universities are artistically inclined and offer degrees in subjects such as fashion design, dramatics, dance and music, fine arts, graphic art, and modern media. The students need to pass an aptitude test and exhibit exceptional artistic talent to get admission into these universities.


Germany is a home to innovations, diverse cultures, and scientific research. The students who pursue higher education from the universities in Germany have been placed in high-profile jobs and have had high success rates. So if you want to pursue higher education in Germany and avail benefits now and in future. So pick from the Best German Language Courses in Delhi and be prepared for a learning experience like never before.

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