Study in Germany – What to Expect

Are you planning to visit Germany for your higher education? If yes, then apart from getting German Language Classes in Delhi, you must seek knowledge of various things which you can expect in Germany. Flexible education system Germany boasts of endless reputed Universities which bestow top-level education upon its students. With such a high-end education […]

University Tuition Fees and Living Costs in Germany – Low-cost German Degrees

Germany being the hotspot of high-quality educationattracts many international students.From past few years, it has been one of the top choices of students wanting to continue their studies in a foreign country. Some of them even get enrollment in one of the best German language classes in Delhi to prepare themselves for their German education. […]

Top 10 German Slangs / Phrases that are Really Popular

If you are taking German Language Course in Delhi, you might probably be preparing to study in Germany or a sudden interest in the German language might have arisen in you. Irrespective of the reasons, if you are interested in the German language, then you must also pay some attention to the German slangs or […]

Steps to Apply for Masters to Study in Germany

Germany is home to some of the best universities in the world, offering a world-class education to its students. Aspirants travel the seven seas to attain the education offered in Germany because a German degree holds quite a lot of importance. Are you one of those thousands wanting to pursue a master’s in the land […]

How to Apply to an International University in Germany

Planning to study in Germany for higher education is a good decision as German consists of various topmost Universities which provide high-quality education to its students. But, if you think enrolling yourself in a German language classes is going to be enough, then you are wrong. You must know various steps that are necessary to […]

The Best Scholarships to Look for Your Master’s Program in Germany

Having to study in a country like Germany is one of the best things that could happen to you, as its education system is known and appreciated all over the world. The teaching methodology, the exposure offered and a negligible tuition fee make Germany the perfect spot to get an education degree from. While you […]

The Best Universities for Automotive Engineering in Germany

Germany is known for its automobile industry and many brands such as Mercedes, BMW, Audi, and Volkswagen have exhibited the German automotive standards through its state of the art technology. This technology has been designed and developed by engineers who possess the expertise and the skills to bring about a revolution in the automobile industry. […]

All About the International Student Life in Germany

Are you planning to pursue higher education in the land of Germany? Well, you must be excited as well as nervous, which is quite natural. But before you head to Germany to pursue your dream course, it is important that you do some homework. We know that a lot of questions must be hovering in […]


Learning a foreign language is a whole new experience, that can be tough at times and exciting at others; not only making you proficient in the language but also opening tons of opportunities for you. The German language is one of the most sought-after languages in India, because of its advantageous arenas that it discloses […]

Why Learning the German Language is important for Indians

We as Indians are often curious about learning new things, whether it is about science, art or culture. When it is about learning a new language, we start thinking about its pros and cons. We start looking at their scope and their advantages. Though learning a language apart from your language varies when it comes […]