9 Interesting Facts about Germany

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German Language Courses in India: Apply for a Promising Career in Overseas

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Speed Up Learning the German Language

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What is the Best Way to Learn a Foreign Language: the Ultimate Guide

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All about the German word “to stay”

The German language is not only pluricentric, but also versatile enough to have several words sharing the same meaning with the slightest of differences. One of the words that grab our attention is “to stay”. While in English “to stay” means the same, and has no alternatives, the case isn’t the same with German. When […]

Everything you need to know about German dialects

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How to incorporate English words while speaking in German

Did you know that German and English belong to the same language family? Well, both German and English have West Germanic roots, which make 60 percent of their vocabulary the same! That is one of the reasons why German is easy to learn for English speakers. If you are learning German from a German Language […]