English is originally a West Germanic language that has become global with 20% speakers all around the world. Though some countries speak English as their first language, there are countries that have English as their second best language and are as proficient in English as they are in their respective native languages.

According to the English proficiency index 2018, here the top seven countries in Europe that speak fluent English as a second language:

  1. Germany


    Image Credit-sputniknews.com

    With the German businesses exerting influence on the European market, the level of English proficiency in the country makes it the lucky number 7, with 62% of the population speaking the language. Apart from the German language, with is the native language of Germany, English holds a strong position. If you visit Germany, you will find it difficult to converse with the rest 40 % of the population, but there’s a solution for that. You can learn German from the best German language institute in Delhi.

  2. Luxembourg


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    The tiny landlocked country is a lingual package, with three official languages: Luxembourgish, German and French due to the cultural diversity it unfolds. Not only that, Luxembourg is a country with high English proficiency; more than 60% of the population speaks English as a supportive language, grabbing the sixth position.

  3. Finland

    Image Credit-www.express.co.uk

    With a population of fewer than 5.5 million people, Finland takes the fifth position with about 65% of English speakers. Almost all Finns speak Finnish, followed by Swedish and English. If you are visiting Finland, you need not worry because there are people who speak high-level English.

  4. Norway

    Image Credit-visitnorway.com

    Norwegians have Sami languages native to them, but English is one language that they speak quite fluently. One may find it hard to converse in English with people above 50 years of age, but the younger population is quite fluent, accounting to about 67.7% of the population.

  5. Denmark

    Image Credit-rsf.org

    Demark is not only home to colorful harbors, royal palaces, and iconic statues, but is also the third largest country in Europe with 69.90% of English speakers. Danish being their native language, the people of Denmark speak equally proficient English.

  6. Sweden

    Image Credit-sweden.se

    The Swedes give a neck to neck competition to the Dutch with the second largest country of people having a high proficiency in English. Since 2012, Sweden is the country with high English proficiency. Due to a diverse working environment, multicultural diversity and high level of consumption of the English media, Sweden has captured the second spot with 70.40% speakers.

  7. Netherlands


    Image Credit-internations.org

    As much as the Dutch people love their coffee, they love speaking English as a second language. About 71.45 of the Dutch population speak fluent English, beating the Swedes and conquering the first position. Not only is the Netherlands the largest beer exported in the world, but it also has the largest number of people who speak fluent English which comes to be about 1.5 crores.


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