Are you among the ones who seek to pursue first-class education in the land of German? If yes, then apart from seeking the help of a German language course in Delhi to get prepared for Germany in advance, you must also pay utmost attention to the other aspects of living in Germany.

There is no denying the fact that acquiring studies in Germany will also offer you the opportunity to roam around the country as much as you desire. Hence, in case you decide to go to a restaurant to spend some quality time with your acquaintance, it is best that you get familiar with the most common German dining etiquettes that will save you from being frowned upon.

So, without further ado, let’s get started!

  1. Avoid eating food with finger

Germans are not among the ones who eat food with their hands at a fine restaurant. Instead, they eat by the means of a fork and knife. They won’t even use their hands to eat a pizza at the restaurant, this is how much they follow the dining etiquette in Germany. However, if you are at a local or informal dinner, you can eat by using your hands especially the hotdogs and hamburgers, without worrying about anyone judging you for the act.

  1. Proper usage of napkin

Germans make use of napkins quite less as compared to the Americans. According to German habits, the napkin should be placed on your lap while eating. If in the midst of eating, you wish to go for a break, you must put your napkin beside your plate and not on top of your chair. Likewise, when you are done with your meal, leave the napkin next to your plate and not on the plate.

  1. Eat after everyone has food on their plate

If you are not dining alone, then it is best to not start eating until your associates are not just seated but also have foods on their plates. Moreover, if you are the host, then it is quite customary for you to say ‘Guten Appetit’ which means “Enjoy your meal” before everyone begins to eat.

  1. Avoid elbows on the table

While dining, Germans tend to rest their hands on the table, unlike the Americans and British who rest their left hand on their lap. However, you must remember that Germans rest only their hands and not their elbows on the table as it is considered quite an inappropriate gesture.

  1. Finish all the food on the plate

It is considered rude to leave food on the plate; not just the Germans, but people from many countries do not like anyone leaving food on their plate. Hence, it is best to take a specific amount of food that you know you can finish without any constrains so that the plate is completely clean after you are done eating your food.


As the aforementioned are the topmost tips that you must know, follow all these points before you enter a fine German restaurant. Apart from that, do not forget to seek the help of the best German language institute in Delhi to make yourself fully prepared for academic life in Germany.

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