Are you looking for a destination which worth your vacation time? Germany can be your perfect place for sure. With the twenty million people mark their attendance every year in Germany, one cannot doubt on Germany’s scenic beauty and enriching culture.

Germany is vastly famous for its renowned universities and its negligible fees which entice international students to enroll in the German Language Course and prepare them for the German language proficiency test. Besides, there are a lot more things which you need to know to explore Germany better. Let’s get delve into some fun facts of the country:

  1. Before Berlin, Germany has five other capitals including Aachen, Regensburg, Frankfurt-am-Main, Bonn, and Nuremberg.
  2. Germany boasts a population of 81 million people which is the largest population in the European Union.
  3. If you come across the satellite image of Germany, you will probably get to see where East and West Germany used to be.
  4. German language is the official language of five countries – Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Luxembourg, and Liechtenstein.
  5. German language is the third common language taught in the world and people use to look out for the Best German Language Institute for learning the enriching language.
  6. Germany boasts more bridges than Venice and is 9 times bigger than Paris.
  7. Germany comes in the category of countries which produces cars in huge amount. Germany has sold 5.9 million cars in 2011. VW’S Golf is one of the best seller cars of all times and in 2012, Germany sold more than 430, 000 Golfs around Europe.
  8. Germany has the longest word, that is, Donaudampfschifffahrtselektrizitätenhauptbetriebswerkbauunterbeamtengesellschaft. This word is 79 letters long.
  9. Germany produces over 300 different kinds of bread.
  10. In Bavaria, beer is considered as a food.
  11. In Germany, smoking is not allowed in public places but alcohol is still legal.
  12. Germany is the second-largest consumer of Beer after Irish.
  13. Germany features the largest beer festival inthe world, i.e. Oktoberfest. This festival held in Bavaria in the month of September where the size of the beer glass is not 500 ml but a whole liter.
  14. With 400 zoos, Germany has the maximum number ofzoos in the world.
  15. Germany boasts the narrowest street in the world which is in Reutlingen. It is about 31 cm (one foot) wide and also called as Spreuerhofstrasse.
  16. The Chancellor’s office of Berlin locally known as ‘’washing machine’’.
  17. Germany gives no punishments for a prisoner who tries to escape from jail as it refers to a basic act of human to made an effort to be free.
  18. Germany’s toilet paper has the softness and consistency of paper towels.
  19. Germany has more than 1,000 kinds of sausage in Germany.
  20. Germany language has thirty-five dialects.
  21. German language possesses the most native speaker in Europe.
  22. German is a world leader in book publication which publishes around 94, 000 titles.
  23. Berlin has the largest train station in all of Europe.

Closing thoughts

Germany seems quite different at first but when you explore more about this country, you can witness the enriching traditions of the country. Must read the aforesaid pointers and try to learn more about this country. There are a lot more things which are associated with the tradition of the country so, go and grasp them.

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