Did you know that Germany is the economic powerhouse of Europe? This very quality of the country makes it attractive for outsiders to study, work and obtain citizenship in. Doing the same requires learning the German language, which comes with taking up a German language course in cp.

But the question here is: Is learning German beneficial?

To wipe off that dilemma, it is important that we keep some facts on the table:

Excited already? Well, these were just the facts. The benefits are going to simply blow your mind. With these benefits you will understand why learning the German language is important for Indians:

  1. Many German-speaking countries require a German language certificate for immigration purposes.
  2. There are a plethora of educational opportunities available in German-speaking countries. German is home to some of the best universities in Europe, and the educational degree given by these universities hold immense value.
  3. The cognitive benefits of learning German are something that everyone looks forward to, as they keep your brain healthy!
  4. The German language is sure to give you an edge in the context of career opportunities; as learning the language is what most employers prefer. Having proficiency in German is advantageous to the employer, thus giving you an edge over your competitors.
  5. Learning German enhances your resume, thus making you eligible for a higher pay package in contrast to what you had with one language.
  6. Germany is a beautiful place to visit, and its history and cultural heritage are the most appealing factors that lure people to visit the place. So if you have any travel plans, learning German is a plus point for you.
  7. If you are a science fanatic, then you must know that the scientific community uses the German language.
  8. There are tons of career opportunities available if you learn the German language. You could be a translator, a language teacher and a language expert in a business firm.


Now that you are enlightened with the benefits associated with learning the German language, you can easily broaden your horizon and look forward to what lies ahead of you. With the German language, not only you will be able to connect to people but also indulge in some intercultural relationships that will last for a lifetime. So learn German as your second language and make use of the knowledge so obtained in the best way possible.

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