Are you planning to learn the German language with the help of the best German language courses so that you can easily carry out your higher education in Germany? If yes, then apart from acquiring the usual German language learning, why not expand your German knowledge with some important German sports vocabulary.

So, without further delay, let’s have a peep at the most common sports words and phrases in German.

  1. Die Weltmeisterschaft

Meaning – World Championship

Football, being one of the topmost sport in Germany, how can we forget about the FIFA World Championship. Although the complete translation of FIFA soccer world championship would be “FIFA Fußball-Weltmeisterschaft”, the majority of people say just Die Weltmeisterschaft or WM when they talk about the FIFA World Championship.

  1. Die Europameisterchaft

Meaning – European Championship

Just like the FIFA World Championship, another highly-popular tournament in soccer is the UEFA European Championship which is called Die Europameisterchaft or WM in the German language. This championship usually takes place every four years between the World Championship.

  1. Der Pokal

Meaning – Trophy Cup

The soccer tournaments are nothing without the trophies. And the trophy cup is known as “Der Pokal” in German. As the Germans are fond of compounding words, the physical World Cup trophy is called “Weltmeisterschaftspokal”.

  1. Der Sportfreund

Meaning–Sports fan

If you are reading this, you are indeed a sports fan. Hence, you must know what a sports fan is called in German, right? Well! In Germany, the person who is a fan of sports is known as “Der Sportfreund”. However, the Germans do not consider themselves as a mere sports fan, instead, they regard themselves as sports friend which is referred to as “Sportfreund” in German.

  1. Das Trikot


Whoever is a massive sports lover will always have at least one jersey with them. Likewise, being huge soccer fans, the majority of the Germans also own jerseys which are actually called “Das Trikot” in the German language.

  1. Die Olympischen Spiele

Meaning – The Olympics

The Olympics is one of the prominent things all over the world as it sees innumerable participants representing their respective countries in various sports categories. Anyway, in German, the Olympics is referred to as “Die Olympischen Spiele”.

  1. Die Nationalhymne

Meaning – The National Anthem

Hopefully, it is not surprising to see the national anthem here in between the sports vocabulary. Of course, the national anthem is a part of sports because it is played during the medal ceremonies. And, the national anthem is known as “Die Nationalhymne” in German.

  1. Die Turnhalle/Sporthalle

Meaning – Gymnasium/Sports Hall

Although, Germany has “Gymnasium” in their German vocabulary, however, it does not mean the same as its English counterpart at all. Unlike the English meaning of Gymnasium which refers to the sports arena, the German Gymnasium refers to “a type of secondary school”. On the other hand, the English Gymnasium is regarded as “Die Turnhalle” in German. The English Gymnasium is also known as ‘Sports Hall’ whose German counterpart is known as “Sporthalle”.


Now that you know some of the most common sports terms in German, remember these and ensure to take the help of the best German language school to learn the German language in the most systematic and professional manner.

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