Are you doing a German language course so that you can speak fluent German while living in Germany? No matter what your reasons are to learn the German language, the basis of the topic is that there are many German words that you can use while speaking in English with your peers.

You might not know but in the German dictionary, every situation has its own word. Hence, some of the best German words you can use while conversing with people in the English language are –

  1. Schadenfreude

This particular German word literally means “to take joy in other’s pain”. It happens with everyone in the world. Sometimes people enjoy when somebody else is in pain. However, this word can also be referred to those moments when you watch a funny video wherein people get hurt due to their stupid actions, you naturally start laughing.

  1. Weltschmerz

This German word means “world pain” which describes the feelings of people who get hurt seeing the devastations going around in the world. If you feel disheartened by the bloodshed and violence that happen in the world, you can use this word to convey your feelings.

  1. Torschlusspanik

This specific word denotes the “fear of running out of time”. This type of feeling is faced by many people on their day to day lives. For instance, the school-going students often feel such emotion as every now and then, they tend to fear that the time is running out to submit assignments or prepare for the examination.

  1. Fremdschämen

This word signifies the “feeling of embarrassment that one goes through the behalf of somebody else”. There are so many instances that people feel embarrassed courtesy of someone else. For instance, when your friend tells a dirty secret that was not supposed to be told in front of strangers, you feel Fremdschämen.

  1. Reisefieber

It is a “feeling of worry, excitement and anticipation that people go through before travelling” to a different place. A very simple and familiar most example of Reisefieber is when people keep checking their travel tickets and other necessary items to ensure they don’t forget anything.

  1. Ohrwurm

Ohrwurm which seriously means “earworm” refers to the situation when you listen to a song in the morning and you are unable to get that particular song out of your head the entire day. This literally happens to every single human in the world and everybody has experienced it multiple times in their lifetime.

  1. Zugzwang

This specific German word means “obligation to move when you want to do nothing”. This particular word is apt in the situation when you don’t want to leave your place for work due to laziness but you know you don’t have any other option so you simply move. You might not be aware of this fact but this German word is often used in the English language.


So, these were the topmost German words that one must use while speaking in English as it helps describe even the toughest of situations very easily. Also, if you are planning to learn the German language, make sure that it is the best German language institute in your region.

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