International students who are in possession of a university entrance certificate which they seek to acquire abroad, but somehow it does not authorize them to enrol directly at a German university, are required to undergo an assessment before beginning a degree program. The Studienkolleg, a preparatory course, assist students for this assignment.

If you are eager to accomplish your educational degree from Germany as a non-EU international student, it is important to grasp all the information about Germany as a country and as an educational destination. Studienkolleg is a solution offered by German universities which come to rescue from all the hassles coming in the admission process. If you want to accelerate the chances of your admission in Germany, get in touch with the best German Language Institute and grasp the root of Studienkolleg course.

Now, that you know you need to undergo a foundation degree course before being admitted, you must reach out to a proper Studienkolleg and a suitable course.

Majority of universities run these courses on their own but there are also several which don’t. Here is the list of following documents which are mainly required to apply for a Studienkolleg:

Apply for a place at the Studienkolleg

After you have collected all the documents, it is the time to submit your application and for that, you can run your application online or by post.

The online application can be made through the online application platform of German universities. There are also few universities which don’t participate in this platform but have their personal online application.

Obtain the German student visa

To get permitted for studying in Germany as a non-EU student, you have to take a student visa in advance. As soon as you get the received an acceptance letter for the Studienkolleg in Germany, you are eligible to seek your student visa and thus, enable you to seek your university degree in Germany.

Take up the entrance exam

To enter a Studienkolleg course in Germany, you have to clear the certain level of knowledge in core subjects related to the intended regular course and for this; you need to sit in an entrance exam which tests your overall and skills in those subjects.

The entrance examination is not as hard as you have expected. It mainly intends to see your major struggles in the important subjects and in the language. And at the end of the preparatory course, you will sit on an assessment test which will show the improvement you have made during the Studienkolleg course.

In Conclusion

The dream of studying abroad cannot be accomplished without giving enough attention to the details about your chosen universities. German universities possess a list of qualification of the subjects you have applied for, equivalent to those qualification set in the German education system. You need to check the university’s website and their entry requirements section to find if the qualifications you have make you eligible to apply directly to a regular course or not. If you have any queries related to Studienkolleg, enroll yourself in the best German Language Course in CP.

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