Planning to study in Germany for higher education is a good decision as German consists of various topmost Universities which provide high-quality education to its students. But, if you think enrolling yourself in a German language classes is going to be enough, then you are wrong.

You must know various steps that are necessary to know if you do not want to find yourself in a mess in the last moment.

  1. Choose your course and University wisely

Although, Germany is not restricted to German language courses as it also provides various courses in English, you must check well and then confirm your course. Initially you will be taught the course in English but, later after two to four semesters, it will change in German. This gives you time to learn the German Language so that by the time the courses are taught in German, you are capable enough to understand most of the German language easily.

Likewise, choose a good and reputed University which is also equipped with the Course you want to study so that you don’t feel pressurized to study something which is out of your interest

  1. Check out the admission requirements

Before you apply for the admission in your preferred University, make sure that you live up to the requirements of that University.International students like you have to clear a particular type of entrance exam to get the admission in a German University. There are also some Universities who will ask the international aspirants to provide them with the proof of their German language proficiency. Similarly, various Universities demand various requirements. Hence, it is your responsibility to know the requirements of your chosen University.

  1. Create budget

You must not forget that even if most of the German Universities provide free education, you still need to have enough money to live in Germany. That iswhy, you must calculate your approximate budget by including the costs of accommodation, food, clothing, outing, etc.The Visa officials might even ask you to show a proof that you have access to a specific amount of money which is enough to survive in Germany.

  1. Apply for the admission

You can either apply for the admission through the official website of the University or you can simply apply by visiting the University directly.You must keep in mind to submit your application six weeks prior to the deadline so that if any kind of corrections or additional requirements arises, you get enough time to work on them.

  1. Get a Health Insurance and German Visa

Getting a health insurance before leaving the country is the best thing for you to do for yourself as it will help you to a great extent if an emergency occurs.

Likewise, you must apply for the Student Visa couple of months in advance so that you get your Visa on time and do not have to face any kind of unnecessary issues later on.

  1. Search for accommodation

You must find a place to live in advance so that after you land on the German soil, you already have a place to take shelter in.While doing so, make sure to keep in mind the location of the accommodation as the rates of a place varies from place to place.

  1. Enroll

Your job is still not done if you haven’t enrolled yourself in the University. To start studying your courses, you must first enroll yourself as this process turn the applicants into students of the University.


To make everything much easier, you can learn German in Delhi with the help of professional German learning institutes who will not just help you withthe language but also with everything related to your admission and stay in Germany.


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