Are you planning to study abroad after 12th board? Earlier, Indian students prefer their home country for their undergraduate program, work for a couple of years, earn experience and then go abroad for a postgraduate degree. The trend has been modernized in recent years. With the accessibility of education loans, a large number of students have opted for a foreign country to complete their undergraduate programs. Now, the question is how to choose the right country?

Relax; we have gathered a list of foreign countries to assist you in choosing the appropriate country. Firstly, look for your interest, decide the subject, check which country offers the best degree program in your chosen subject and then apply for the university. There are many countries in which you can apply for and we have provided here the best 3 destinations:

United States

From internationally renowned institutions to the hubs of innovation and cutting edge teaching methods, studying in the U.S.A will add a plethora of opportunities to your career prospect. The country attracts up to 750000 international students every year. Despite the fee structure, students love living in the San Fransisco and Boston. The country follows a four-year undergraduate study structure in almost every university. After completing 12th grade, one can join a program directly if he qualifies the prescribed entry requirements. Usually, an IELTS score ranging from 5.5 to 6.0 is the basic English proficiency score requirement for admission.


As one of the economic powerhouse of Europe, Germany is renowned to provide a cost-effective education for international students. In order to get admission in Germany, find a university and choose a study program that suits your interest and check the requirements, for this you can check the company website. There are many institutions and educational centers that are best known for offering a Bachelor’s degree, Master’s degree, and PhD degree successfully. Make sure to grasp German language form a reliable Top German Language Institute in Delhi to eliminate any sorts of hassle in the country.


Australia is undoubtedly one of the most popular places for international students. The country offers a unique proposition, technical and further education (TAFF) institution which covers a wide range of vocational and industrial training programs that range from six months to two years. On completing these programs, they have the option to join a relevant university program directly in the second year of study. Besides, regular entry to an undergraduate degree at an Australian university is based on candidate’s English language skills and score in the 12th grade.


No matter where you are going, studying abroad will surely going to help you in gaining an academic qualification. Wherever you are heading off for your university program, you are preparing yourself for the armful skills and experience that will make you shine over your competitors when looking for the graduate jobs.

So, take up the opportunity to study and travel and get immerse yourself in a completely different culture that will widen your horizons for sure. After, U.S.A, Germany has become the most preferred destination because of its various offerings and cost-free education. This is students in a large ratio opting for the German Language Courses in Delhi for their further educational desires. So, be wise while choosing the right country after your 12th board.

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