Are you a foodie who is always into exploring different cuisines? When you enter a restaurant, what do you look for? The usual dishes that you always eat, or something different? Well, if you are the adventure type, you will have fun exploring restaurants in Germany. Germans are not only famous for the amount of beer they consume but the food as well. Germans love meat, and sauerbraten is considered the national dish of Germany.

Having to order food at a restaurant in German can be a daunting experience if you don’t know the German language. So take up a German Language Class in Delhi and order food like a pro.

In addition to learning the basic conversation phrases, you also must learn how to order food if you are visiting Germany.

 If you are at a German restaurant, just follow these tips to order in German:

For ordering drinks in German


Did you know that German resultants are busier during daytime? Yes, because for Germans lunch is an important meal. So when you have a host or a hostess to seat you, the most common phrase that you will hear is- Möchten Sie schon etwas zu trinken bestellen? This means the host is asking you whether you would like to star with some drinks. While you can always refuse, but if in case you want to try some drinks, say “Ja, Bitte!”(Yes, please!)

Here are some German translations for some drinks that you’d like to order:

So now that you know these basic terms, order in German!

For ordering appetizers in German


Now that you are done with the drinks, it’s time to excite your taste buds with some scrumptious appetizers. So when you look at the German restaurant menu in German, just say “Ich hätte gerne eine Vorspeise“ (I would like to have an appetizer).

Appetizers are quite common in Germany and are highly preferred by Germans to increase their appetite for the big meal. Here are some common German appetizers that you will find in a German restaurant:


For ordering the main course in German


Now that you’re done with the appetizers and are ready for the main course, your host will come to your table and ask:

When you read the German restaurant menu in German, you are most likely to get confused amid such a large variety of food. Well, we don’t blame you, and hence you can ask the host for some suggestions. You can say “Was können Sie empfehlen?” (What can you recommend?)

If you are a non-vegetarian, there is tons of options available, bratwurst, made from pork or meat and is a German favorite. However, if you are a vegetarian, don’t lose heart, as Asparagus is a famous German dish that you can have, while you have noodles and potatoes as staples by your side.

For ordering desserts


If you were thinking that German meals are done with the main course, you are wrong. Desserts are every German’s favorite and are the most awaited, to sweeten up the taste buds. No matter how stuffed our stomachs are, there is always room for desserts. If you are a sweet tooth, we can feel you! Just wait for the host to read out the menu for the last course, and let your eyes widen at the huge variety that you are being offered. Use Pastete for a pie, Kuchen for a cake, and Käsekuchen if you are craving for a cheesecake.


Now that you have satisfied your stomach with some scrumptious food, it’s time to pay the bill. Just say Die Rechnung, bitte. (The bill, please.) Are you excited to try some German delicacies? Learn German from one of the best German Language Institutes in Delhi, and fly to Germany to explore, eat and enjoy.

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