If you haven’t been yet familiar with a language other than your native language, it must have been daunting to think of a language that you feel is totally alien to you. Learning a second language is a whole new experience that not only makes you familiar with the country that the language belongs to, but also lets you get to know about its culture, its history, and its people. When we talk about the five most spoken languages in Europe, the German language tops the list, with 95 million speakers worldwide. German is a pluricentric language, which means every country has its own version of speaking the language. For example, Austrians speak Austrian German; people in Switzerland speak Swiss German, and so on. Also, German and English belong to the same family of languages, which is West Germanic, and share more than 50 percent of their vocabulary. So if you are a proficient English speaker, you’ve got this one!

In addition to the many, there are certain advantages that are sure to make you take up a German language course. The four major advantages of learning the German language are as follows:

A boost in your career prospects

If you are well-versed with the German language, an addition of it to your resume is a cherry on the cake as you are bilingual, thus opening doors to various opportunities in front of you. You could be a researcher, a translator, or a teacher. Recruiters these days prefer people who are bilingual than those who are not, and embassies and multinationals look for people who can address German clients efficiently. So German is not just a language, it’s an added advantage.

Opportunities for world-class education

If you learn German, you can not only study your preferred degree program in the German language, but also write papers in German, and also conduct researches. Also, learning the German language is beneficial if you’re looking for an educational degree in one of the German universities. Universities in Germany offer a world-class education to international students, without charging them a single penny. This is one of the life-changing reasons to learn German.

Better travel experiences

Are you a traveller who wants to explore the world? Well, we want you to know that Germans are scattered all across the world, in countries that you can’t even imagine! German companies grant their employees leave for 20 days to let them travel and explore the world. If you know the German language and are travelling to the EU for a vacation, or are in any part of the world, you will have one thing in common to start a conversation, which is proficiency in the German language.

An accelerator for innovation

Are you planning to open a startup for an incredible idea that you have in mind? Well, we must tell you Germany is huge when it comes to business. It exports everything and is a major player in the market. So if you think that your startup idea is the next big thing, it’s time that you learn German and engage with some powerful business partners established in Berlin. Who knows, you might be a tycoon yourself in the coming years?


German is among the top 5 languages in the world that offer money and freedom. If you think that German is the path that you need to take to make money, or make your startup dream come true, then wait no more and head to the nearest institute to be friends with the language!

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