Do you often come across the dilemma of whether you should learn German or not? If you are planning to study at a German university, or are planning to get settled there, it is imperative that you learn the language. The question, however, that often pops up in our mind is- Is German hard to learn for English speakers?

Well, the answer is that it is and it is not. This means that there are some components that are easy to grasp, and there are some that may be a little tough.

But f you enroll in a German language class in Delhi, you will be able to get a better insight into the basics of the language and gain proficiency in the same.

There are certain factors that can pose a bit of trouble while learning the language:

There are German compound nouns that give you the freedom to make your own words but are not easy to grasp in the first attempt. The compound nouns can be insanely long, which you need to break down while learning them. So if you learn them with utter concentration, will not only flaunt your compound German skills but will also be proficient n the language in no time.

The second tricky element or the element of surprise is the verb conjugation. In the German language, the spelling and the pronunciation of words change when the subject and the tense change.

Unlike the English language which has two forms of gender, masculine and feminine, the German language has an additional gender called neuter. If you are learning German, you need to memorize the gender for each noun.

Nonetheless, there are some of the best reasons to learn German that we cannot ignore. Have a look!

German and English are one!


Both German and English belong to the same family, which is the West Germanic language. The languages share 60 percent of their vocabulary, like the words partner, angst and kindergarten. Have you already started your research? Well, get ready for some surprises!

The verbs are easy peasy


When you practice verb conjugations, they may sound alien to you at first, but you will notice a pattern as you continue to practice. There are some verbs like haben and sein that are used quite often in a German conversation. Don’t worry; as once you get hold of the pattern, you’re good to go.

Did someone say shortcuts?


When we talk about identifying the gender of a particular noun, there are certain shortcuts, understanding which will speed up your German learning process.

The resources are abundant!


There is no scarcity when it comes to finding resources to learn German. Academic and non-academic, these resources offer a great deal of help while learning the language and have a fun side to them as well!

In addition to the learning that you can obtain from the German Language Institutes in Delhi, there are a lot of other things you can do. You can watch German movies, get connected with German speakers, or even listen to German podcasts. Not only that, there are certain German songs that you can get a hold of, to learn the language and be proficient at it.


With so many reasons, German is undoubtedly the best blessing that you could ask for. So if someone asks you ‘is German easy to learn?’, just give them a glimpse of your experiences along with sharing the link of this blog!

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