Studying at a German University is one of the most common dreams of many students out there who seek to get world-class and all-encompassing learning exposure. Some of the students often enroll themselves in the best German language school in Delhi in order to get themselves fully prepared for the forthcoming educational life in Germany. However, if you are expecting to spend a couple of years in Germany, then apart from the academic-related data, you must also know about some of the most common myths that still subsist regarding Germany.

So, without further ado, let’s take a glance at the topmost myths that need to be debunked.

  1. German people are rude

The most common thing to hear people say is that Germans are not at all polite. But, it is not at all true because Germans are very courteous. However, the reason why Germans sound a bit rude to most of the people is that they are quite direct in nature. They won’t shy away from making a statement that you might think is rude but for them, it means being simply honest. Hence, if you put aside your perception of Germans being impolite, you will naturally find yourself getting fond of them.

  1. Germans drink beer only

Yes! It is true that Germany is worldwide known for its lip-smacking beer, and is one of the largest beer-drinking countries, however, it is not at all true that they are only fond of drinking beer and do not prefer to drink something else. In fact, it is quite true that there are many Germans who do not like the smell of beer, forget drinking at all. Apart from that, Germany houses an excellent and scrumptious assortment of wine which is worth a try.

  1. Germans are Nazis

This statement is utterly nonsensical and false, to say the least. The days are long gone when Germany was known by Adolf Hitler or the term “Nazi”. In reality, for so many decades, Germany has become a good place to live in and no German at the present time believes in being a Nazi or acknowledges the same. Yes! There is a teeny-weeny percentage of the German populace who belong to the Neo-Nazi party, but they are not frontrunner or representative of the whole nation. Therefore, there is nothing to feel Nazi about Germany.

  1. German people are very punctual

It is past time that you stop thinking that all the Germans are way too punctual. Yes! The Germans consider punctuality one of the key ways to judge a person but it is not exactly true that every German reaches a particular place at the exact time. In fact, the younger generation of Germany is way too casual pertaining to time as compared to the older generation who will still frown upon you if you get late by a couple of minutes.


So, the above-mentioned are a few of the most common myths that still exist regarding Germany. Hopefully, debunking these myths have helped you in some sort. Now, keep these afore things in mind and do not forget to enroll yourself in the top German language course in Delhi before stepping into a German institution.

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