How to incorporate English words while speaking in German

Did you know that German and English belong to the same language family? Well, both German and English have West Germanic roots, which make 60 percent of their vocabulary the same! That is one of the reasons why German is easy to learn for English speakers. If you are learning German from a German Language […]

Everything about the German word Da

German is a pluricentric language, spoken by about 90 million people all over the world. Have you ever wondered why is that so? German is known for its flexibility, its uniqueness, and its versatility. When you take up a German Language Course in Delhi, you will come across certain words that are efficient in their […]

Reasons why German is easy to learn for English speakers

Do you often come across the dilemma of whether you should learn German or not? If you are planning to study at a German university, or are planning to get settled there, it is imperative that you learn the language. The question, however, that often pops up in our mind is- Is German hard to […]

6 German pronouns to bring out the German in you!

When you are a beginner, trying to get hold of the German language, it is quite apparent that you will not be able to develop an accent at an early stage. In addition to the idioms that you learn to sound like a native speaker, you first need to master the pronouns that form an […]

How to order food at a German restaurant: the complete guide

Are you a foodie who is always into exploring different cuisines? When you enter a restaurant, what do you look for? The usual dishes that you always eat, or something different? Well, if you are the adventure type, you will have fun exploring restaurants in Germany. Germans are not only famous for the amount of […]

The top 5 languages in the world that offer money and freedom

Are you an aspirant who wants to have proficiency in a language apart from your mother tongue? Well, you’ve knocked the right window. Apart from having an expertise in your own field, being bilingual or multilingual is a major factor that adds value to your resume. It opens up a lot of job opportunities for […]

The most common German phrases

When you’re learning German, you learn from books, assignments, audiobooks, podcasts, and even from movies! But to sound like a native German speaker, you need to speak German like a pro. And for that, you need to step out of your bubble and learn to have a basic German conversation through some German phrases. While […]

7 German idioms to sound like a native German speaker

Are you an enthusiastic traveler who wants to explore every part of your journey and destination? Are you among those who are as interested in knowing as you are to explore the food and culture of the place? Then you must be willing to get an insight into their language as well! While you take […]

4 effective German language tips for busy people

Are you a busy bee who wants to learn German? It is good to be doing something extra always, to be open to learning opportunities, and learning a foreign language is the best way to enhance your profile. Among those foreign languages, German is the most popular, spoken by 90 million people all around the […]

A guide to the German university system

Germany is home to some of the best universities in the world, and the educational programs offered to the students are highly accredited and universally applicable. Are you an aspirant wanting to pursue masters in Germany? Worry not; as we are here to tell you everything you need to know about the university system in […]