Having to study in a country like Germany is one of the best things that could happen to you, as its education system is known and appreciated all over the world. The teaching methodology, the exposure offered and a negligible tuition fee make Germany the perfect spot to get an education degree from.

While you start with your preparations to take off to Germany for your dream education program, you apply for a visa, you arrange the finances, and you even resort to German language learning to connect with the Germans. But did you know that there are scholarships also available to help you with your education? Well, welcome to Germany!

There are organizations in Germany that offer financial aid to international students who are finding it hard to manage their finances in a foreign land. The German government offers scholarships to students, to help them cope up with their expenses. So here are some of the most popular scholarships in Germany that you can apply for:

  1. DAAD scholarships


The Deutscher Akademischer Austausch Dienst German academic exchange service, abbreviated as DAAD is an organizational body that provides financial support to German and international students. In addition to running specialized programs for art students, the DAAD focuses on financing students from developing countries to help them attain a high-class educational degree from the best German universities. The organization provides financial support to around 10,000 German and international students annually.


  1. The Deutschlandstipendium


Run by the Federal government of Germany, this program is a public-private mix that rewards students for their talents. The sponsorship comes from businesses, organizations, and private universities in the form of a reward of about 300 Euros a month. The term of the funding is for at least 2 semesters but can extend depending upon your capabilities. If the authorities see you excelling in our respective field, they will not be hesitant in providing you with the required financial aid. So what are you waiting for? Apply for these government scholarships before you run out of time!

If you were thinking all this while that only government organizations provide scholarships in Germany, then scroll down at the list of some non-governmental scholarships:

  1. The Friedrich Ebert Stiftung


This political foundation helps the above average students, be it German or international. It offers financial aid to the students who exhibit some sign of social and political awareness and active involvement in the same. The students who are eligible get a sum total of 1000 Euros that covers the enrolment fees, the monthly expenditure on the study material and health insurance.


  1. Heinrich Boll Foundation


This foundation offers scholarships to students irrespective of the degree level, and its scholarships are centred towards the STEM subjects, i.e. Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. So if you are planning to pursue a master’s in engineering in Germany, then you must apply for this scholarship.


  1. KAS scholarships


The Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung scholarships are for the people who are 30 years old or above. This is a one year reward that is offered to candidates who are proficient in the German language. So are you looking to apply for this scholarship? Then learn German from the Best German language institute in your vicinity.


  1. Bayer foundations


This foundation offers scholarships to student and budding researchers, both domestic and international students to pursue their studies. But for that, the candidate needs to have a good academic record and must have the potential in the form of an innovative topic for research.

Before you apply for a scholarship, look out for these effective tips:


Pursuing education from one of the best destinations in the world is a dream come true. So to have a smooth educational journey, apply for a scholarship, provided that you meet the requirements of the organization concerned. So focus on your studies while the organization takes care of your finances, and fulfil your dreams!

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