Germany is known for its automobile industry and many brands such as Mercedes, BMW, Audi, and Volkswagen have exhibited the German automotive standards through its state of the art technology. This technology has been designed and developed by engineers who possess the expertise and the skills to bring about a revolution in the automobile industry. There is no doubt about the fact that Germany is home to some of the best universities that specialize in the field of automotive engineering, making the country the ultimate destination to pursue bachelors and masters in the same.

If you are looking forward to pursuing a degree in the field of automotive engineering, here are some of the best universities that you must consider:


This public research university was founded in the year 1975 with a motive to enhance international collaboration and expand its interdisciplinary wing. Ranking 36th in Germany, the university provides quality education in the field of automotive engineering and offers plenty of opportunities for research in the same.  The faculty provides the students with advanced engineering skills in a cutting-edge environment. The university also provides excellent opportunities for employment after successful completion of the course.


The TUM has been one of the most sought-after universities that are centered around research. Founded in 1868, the university is all praises due to the quality of education that it imparts. It offers a specialized course called the automotive software engineering, which equips the students with the required knowledge to incorporate software systems in automobiles. If you wish to delve deeper in the scientific world, learn German language.


Located in the capital city of Berlin, the university offers a deep understanding of technology by a combination of sessions in theory and practice. The M.Sc program offered by the university encompasses technical, compulsory and supplementary studies that help the students acquire a better understanding of the technology and get good conceptual clarity. The course focuses on the main areas of automotive systems and helps students develop an understanding about the same.


Founded in 1870, the RWTH Aachen University is a premium education hub to study automotive engineering. The M.Sc program offered by the university in the field of Automotive Engineering primarily focuses on the basics and advanced studies about the passenger and commercial vehicles in a comprehensive manner. The students pursue this course to understand the ABC of cars and gain an understanding of the dynamics, acoustics and the mechatronics of the vehicles and research about the same.


The Esslingen University is known for its engineering programs and its faculty of automotive engineering is quite prominent in Germany. The university offers a choice between two master programs- one in Design and development of automotive and mechanical engineering and the other in automotive systems. While the former places emphasis on the design, simulation, development of technology, the latter offers a choice between three majors, namely car electronics, vehicle dynamics, and software-based automotive systems.


Getting an education in one of the aforementioned universities is a dream for many universities wanting to pursue an educational degree in the same. If you are an aspirant wanting to gain knowledge and contribute to the automotive industry, learn German from a reputed German language institute and reap immeasurable benefits.

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