Are you planning to travel to Germany but don’t remember those German words that you learnt a year ago? Don’t worry, because the human brain isn’t designed to remember everything at once. Now that you have realized and cried for it, it’s time that you pull up your socks and get a hold of the German language.

Well, unlike English, German isn’t a difficult language to learn; and since you have already gone through the road once, you only need to refine your German skills with a little bit of attention and a lot of hard work. The best way to learn German on your own is through continuous practice and a steady focus.

Here are some ways you can learn German quickly:


  1. Pay attention to vocabulary


    Learning a language without emphasizing on its vocabulary is equal to not learning it at all. In any language, vocabulary plays a vital role; it enhances the quality of the message that you’re trying to convey to the other person. We often tend to forget certain important words that can be used in a sentence, to make it more effective.

    So do the following:

    • Learn new words daily. Every day, pick a new word and try to use it in a sentence. This being an effective method, will help you retain the word and will help you build your mental dictionary.
    • Use a German learning app to get familiar with new words and make flashcards for the same.
    • Take up online quizzes and crossword puzzles as a self-assessment to see how much your vocabulary has grown.
    • You can also enroll in the best German language courses in Delhi if you feel you’re way behind.
  2. Grammar is important


    When you learn German, it is important that you pay equal attention to your grammar, as grammar builds a connection between the sentences to make sense out of them; to create meaning. Proper grammar will help you communicate in a better way and make you speak and write fluently. Go for some online courses to help you become proficient in the language.

  3. Read and write in German


    Are you familiar with the famous dialogue of the movie Namak Halal, in which Mr. Bachchan highlighted his connection with English? “I can talk English; I can walk English, because English is a very funny language.” Yep, that one.

    You need to do exactly that; you need to imbibe the German language in everything you do. Read German magazines. Write messages to your friends in German give German language tests and speak with a person who knows fluent German and start off a conversation.

  4. Watch German stuff

    german stuff


    Watching and listening stuff in German is the best way you can improve the broken tone of your German. Watch movies in German, and see how much of it you can grasp and interpret. Learn German with videos. Watch German operas, German videos on YouTube, watch German news, basically, add German to your daily life.

  5. Podcasts are a fantastic idea


    It’s time you make use of your podcasts and listen to German music, be it the classics or 5the modern ones, anything that helps you learn. Having German constantly in your ears is without a doubt, the best way to learn Germanat home. Tune into a German radio station, indulge in audio books; in short, go crazy.



Leaning German language, and maintaining proficiency is not as difficult as it might seem, especially when you have a strong hold on it. If you are well versed with the language, pat yourself on the back. If not, get help from the Best German Language Institute in Delhi. So flaunt your German confidentlywherever you go!

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