If you are among those who are taking German language courses in order to learn the German language, then you must also know about various interesting things about Germany.

There is more to Germany than its lip-smacking beer and environmental safety. In fact, you might get surprised to know that Germany is home to various world-famous inventions.

Now, with no further discussion, let’s talk about the topmost inventions that happened in Germany.

  1. Bayer Aspirin

The aspirin that is currently so famous all over the world’s household, was actually invented in Germany by Felix Hoffmann, a German chemist. Initially, he created the aspirin to aid his ill father but later on, he patented it in February 1900.

  1. Automobile

The German engineer who goes by the name Karl Benz was the first person to create such an automobile which is actually very popular in today’s world. Yes! Back in the year 1885, Benz invented the first automobile which was powered by gasoline.

  1. Bacteriology

Robert Koch, back in 1870, discovered bacteria when the population of Europe was affected by a mysterious disease. If it hadn’t been for Robert Koch, many of the diseases would have remained untreated.

  1. Accordion

Back in the year 1882, German inventor Christian Friedrich Buschmann created the first basic Accordion. This very instrument is still close to the German culture and is passionately used in the folk music of Germany.

  1. Gummy Bears

Yes! Even the Gummy Bears were invented in Germany. The German entrepreneur Hans Reigel thought of creating gummy bears after seeing the trained beers at the festivals of Germany. Since then, his company Haribo continues to create gummy bears.

  1. Contact Lenses

The German Ophthalmologist Dr. Adolf Gaston Eugen Fick, created the first-ever contact lens in the year 1887. The contact lens was made with the help of heavy brown glass and was first tested on rabbits.

  1. Jeans

Jeans was invented by a German-American business named Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis was the one who patented the jeans back in the year 1873. Originally, the blue jeans were designed for miners and cowboys.

  1. Kindergarten

In 1837, the German pedagogy FreidrichFröbel introduced the concept of Kindergarten which means “children’s garden”. He started this notion because he believed that young children’s minds should be nurtured just like the plants in a garden.

  1. X-Rays

At present, X-Ray is one of the most important parts of the medical industry. It is the German physicist named Wilhelm Conrad Rontgen who invented X-Ray in 1895. However, he invented X-Ray by accident when he was trying out the electric current through glass cathode-ray tubes.

  1. Records and Record Players

Emile Berliner, a German inventor, continued his creation of gramophone from where Edison had left his invention. Being the first record player, gramophone plays discs or records with the help of grooves that are amplified through a needle.


Now that you know which things were invented in Germany, remember the same as it will really help you in the future in some way or the other. In addition, look for the top German language institute in your region to learn German systematically and professionally.

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