Are you planning to move to Germany for educational purposes? If yes, then apart from taking up one of the best German language courses in Delhi, you must also remember to learn few of the most important German habits as well.

Here are some of the most common habits that are widely performed in day-to-day life in Germany by the Germans.

  1. Empty bottles on the street

It is very common to see empty bottles on the streets of Germany because it is basically a way to earn money. Leaving bottles on the street is a way of helping the one in need as the empty bottles can be exchanged for 25 cents and 8 cents for plastic and glass respectively.

  1. Sitting to pee

It might sound quite weird to you but it is cent percent true that men in Germany are supposed to sit and pee. It is so because sitting while peeing is considered a much cleaner and easier way. Also, those who do not follow the very habit are frowned upon by the others. SO, it is best to abide by the norms.

  1. Consuming warm beer

Quite absurd to do but absolutely true that the Germans prefer drinking their beers warm because in their perspective, cold beer masks the bad taste and poor quality. So, in order to witness the real taste of the beer at the best, Germans tend to drink beer at room temperature which is generally “warm” for the rest of the world. Not to forget, German beer is considered among the best beers in the world.

  1. Pay by cash

In Germany, it is quite a painful task to search for such a restaurant, bar or store that accepts credit or debit cards. More often than not, you are supposed to pay by cash for everything that you buy in Germany. It won’t be wrong to say that in Germany, you only spend what you have.

  1. Endless sight of RVs

It is very common to see loads of RVs on the streets of Germany on a regular basis. This is so because the Germans are world-recognized for their likeliness for traveling. Most of all, they love a road trip which is why there are so many RVs you can see in Germany. Moreover, there are various camping sites dedicated specifically to RVers.

  1. Experience season change by calendar, not weather

The Germans do not care at all about the weather, instead, they prefer to give more importance to the calendar. For instance, if the winter season has begun, they would put on their jackets, boots, sweaters, etc. even if the temperature is not that cold to wear so. Likewise, as soon as the summer period starts, people start wearing shorts and all kinds of summer dresses even if the weather is too cold to wear the same.


Now, keep the above-mentioned habits in mind as these habits will prevent you from getting unwanted stares and frowns. So, without further ado, prepare yourself in advance for your life in Germany by paying heed to the above points while seeking help from the topmost German language course in Delhi.

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