Are you among the ones who are planning to study in Germany and have taken the help of a top German language institute in Delhi to prepare yourself for the same in advance? If such is the case, then despite focusing on just the educational life of Germany, you must also lay utmost emphasis on the other aspects of Germany which are too going to affect your life in Germany in one way or another. Out of so many things to discuss Germany, here, were are going to discuss the cultural shocks you can expect to witness while living in Germany.

Now, without further ado, let’s jump into the most common cultural shocks that are going to blow your mind.

  1. Commonly drinking of sparkling water

It is very common to witness many people drink normal tap water or plain water from an RO, however, in Germany, people tend to avoid drinking tap water and instead consume sparkling water on an everyday basis. It is not like Germany does not has clean water supply, they do; however, they do not enjoy drinking plain water as much as they enjoy having sparkling water every time of the day. Even at the German restaurants, if you ask them to get y6ou a glass of water, they will ask you whether you will have tap water or sparkling water. Some may go ahead and ask if you want water with added minerals or herbs.

  1. Restful Sundays

Germany is adamant about the rule of closed Sundays which includes the closing of not just the workplaces but also the supermarkets, restaurants, and even the smallest of stores. The reason behind such rule is that every person, no matter where they work, should get a proper rest day in which they can choose to either rest or do some pending chores. However, the chores should not include things that make loud noises and disturbs people living nearby. Though railway stations, petrol pumps and some restaurants and stores are open on Sundays, the majority of the stores in Germany are completely closed.

  1. Abiding by the rules

Following rules and regulations are one of the best things you can do no matter where you are, however, when you are in Germany, you have to be more cautious when it comes to following any kind of rule. Even if you have to cross the road in the middle of the night when no vehicle can be seen even in the farthest of the road, you still have to wait for the green light to light up to cross the road. If you don’t do so, you will definitely get frowned upon by someone. So, as the Germans are way too strict about rules, you must avoid breaking the same if you do not want to get an earful from a stranger.


Now that you know the topmost cultural shock Germany encompasses, pay these above points in mind while living in Germany. Also, make it a must to get yourself enrolled in the best German language course in Delhi before you fly to Germany.

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