With the buzzing culture, world’s renowned castles, incredible lifestyle, food and beer sprinkled around the country, living in Germany is a big pull for those who are looking to experience something adventurous. You must be thinking what is great to living in Germany apart from sausage and beer. Well, there is a lot more about this country which makes its perfect place to live in. In this blog, we have provided some pointers which make you understand why living in Germany is simply awesome. More importantly, if you are planning to visit Germany, must reach out to one of the best German Language Institutes and bring the correct German fluency.

Now, let’s see what makes this country perfect to live in, continue reading:

  1. Low Cost of living

When you go comparing the cost of living of Germany with other country, you will find that Germany is the cheapest country to live in. Germany is famous for its cost-effective offering and is extremely comfortable for international students. While some city of Germany is undoubtedly expensive but living in some countries would save your lots of fortune. So, you can must give it thinking to live in Germany.

  1. Brilliant Beer

Are you a beer lover? If yes, then Germany is your place! The real reason to pack your bags can be beer and its lots of varieties. It is now a common fact that no one does beer quite like the Germans and if you come to German you will get to see a beer crowded festival, that is, Oktoberfest.

  1. Bordered by nine countries

Germany lies in the heart of Europe with sharing the border with nine countries including France, Luxembourg, Belgium, the Netherland, Poland, the Czech Republic, Austria, and Switzerland.

With the largest number of border of any country in the European union, Germany in certainly the most astonishing country to live in.

  1. Enchanting Christmas market

Germany is famous for featuring the most colorful Christmas market. In Christmas time, the whole country turns into winter wonderland. The cities of Germany get drenched into lights and the celebration starts much before which generally being known as an advent season.

  1. Recycling Friendly

Germany has unique and productive take on gathering trashes. There is a special bins for all kinds of garbage and there is particular time when you have to do your recycling. Germany is an environmentally friendly and very careful about throwing garbage, so you must brush up on your recycling skills and learn proper that what material should be thrown in which bins.

In Conclusion

Moreover, German apart from bring an education paradise, is a vibrant and colorful country having elevating couture and dynamic lifestyle. We have mentioned why you can choose Germany to live in as it not only enhance someone’s education prospects but boost up career aspect. Also, do not forget to enroll yourself in the best German Language Course in CP to polish your German fluency.

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