We as Indians are often curious about learning new things, whether it is about science, art or culture. When it is about learning a new language, we start thinking about its pros and cons. We start looking at their scope and their advantages. Though learning a language apart from your language varies when it comes to its benefits and scope, it is important you know the language that you should lean, considering your options.

One of the languages that have stood out with its benefits, its scope, its origin, and its success rate is none other than the German language. But there is one question that pops up, “Is learning German beneficial?” If you are looking forward to a lot of opportunities in terms of career, scope, or education, German is the ideal choice.

German is easy

Both English and German share roots as they belong to the West Germanic family of languages. This means that they have 60 percent similarity in terms of the vocabulary that the languages share. So if you are well-versed with English, then you’ve got German!

Here are some benefits that are coming your way if you learn the German language:

Educational opportunities abroad

Are you an aspirant looking forward to obtaining an education in Germany? Well, you are lucky that you know the German language. Well, if you wish to pursue a degree program in Germany, which is free of cost, knowing the basic of the German language will certainly give you an edge. With universities offering world-class education without charging a single penny, your educational degree is proof that you are well-educated. Believe it or not, learning German certainly gives you an edge, as you can study your choice of program in the German language also. Not only in India or Germany, but that degree of yours is also recognized and applicable all across the world.

Enhanced opportunity in jobs

If you have learnt the German language, you have just topped up your resume by telling your recruiters as to what quality you have, that the others don’t; making you an ideal candidate. Having a language proficiency in German will help you have an edge over the others, with a promising pay package. In India, embassies require people who can speak different languages. Your knack of the German language, in addition to your educational qualifications, makes you a preferred candidate than all others.

Increased travel and tourism

Germans get a leave of 20 days every year, to let them travel and explore the world. One of the major reasons a very few Germans visit India is because people in India are not proficient in German. So if the tourism department and companies hire people, who speak German, there will be n increased employment in the tourist sector and so will the pace of tourism in the country will accelerate.

German is a popular language in India

In India, German is the second most popular language after French. The Max Mueller Bhavan is affiliated to the German embassy and was inaugurated in Kolkata in the year 1957. With this popularity that the German language entails, you can have access to plenty of study material and organic sources to study German, and hence avail the cognitive benefits of learning German.


Now that you have the basic idea as to how beneficial and important the German language is if you are an Indian. Because not many people speak the language in India, there is a demand for the same. Grabbing that opportunity is a win-win for you in short-term as well as the future. So learn German from the best institute and fly high with those German wings!

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