Digital German Language Program




    A1 Level

    7th December 2020

    12 Noon - 2 PM (Started)

    Weekday Batch

    A1 Level

    8th December 2020

    10 AM - 12 Noon

    Weekday Batch

    A2 Level

    12th December 2020

    2 PM - 6 PM

    Weekday Batch

    A1 Level

    19th December 2020

    2 PM - 6 PM

    Weekday Batch


    We are back with our Digital German Program with the same passion and enthusiasm, because learning should not stop. Learn German like a pro while sitting back at your home with our Digital German Language Program. We use Google Meet & Google Classrooms to provide you with the best of the experience and you can access the videos which are recorded live, if in case you miss any of your classes. All courses are carefully structured to utilise user-friendly materials and engaging activities digitally. Our courses are offered across a range of proficiency levels starting from Beginner 1 to Intermediate.

    Learn German In A Jiffy With The Best Teachers At German Language School.

    What Will You Learn?

    You Study Goethe-Institute – Max Mueller Bhavan Curriculum

    Learning German is not a difficult task. A person can get familiar with the German language while on a trip, or in a conversation with a fluent German speaker, and even in a group discussion. But having a good hold of the language requires a deep knowledge of the same. With our German language classes, we provide the student an in-depth knowledge about the language, about its grammar, pronunciation, and expressions.  This course covers the A1 and A2 levels of the German language.

    Post the completion of this course, the student can:

    • Make use of familiar expressions and phrases to communicate on a very basic level, relating to the everyday needs
    • Introduce him/her and ask the same from others. For example: what they do, where they live etc.
    • Facilitate communication if the other person is fluent in the language and is willing to help by speaking slowly and in a clear manner.
    • Infer commonly used expressions and sentences that describe his/her personal status, i.e. his/her personal information regarding family, work and immediate surroundings.
    • Understand routine situations encompassing the exchange of information on familiar topics, which are easy to converse about.
    • Talk about his/her immediate surroundings, educational background, and immediate needs in a simple manner.

    The German language school houses some of the most experienced German education consultants, offering a course to master the intermediate level of the German language. The classes at the institute are designed especially to build a ground for the students, to make them ready for the advanced level of German. This German language course helps the students bring their learning and knowledge of the language to a higher level, thus coming one step closer to attain fluency in the language.

    Post the completion of this level, the student can:

    • Express his/her opinions about a particular topic, concerning entertainment, sports, politics etc.
    • Infer the highlights of a topic concerning work, leisure, school and so on.
    • Experience ease in conversing with the natives while travelling in the language region.
    • Express him/her in a clear manner on common topics as well as those of personal interest.
    • Describe personal experiences and recent events; describe hopes and dreams, and make short statements regarding his/her personal views, and explain personal and professional plans.
    • Grasp the main highlights of complex texts relating to a specific topic, and understand discussions pertaining to his/her area of specialization.
    • Converse easily to natives, without having to receive a great deal of assistance while communicating.
    • Express him/her in an explicit and comprehensive manner about a certain topic, indicate the benefits and highlight drawbacks associated with it.

    Our German language institute offers a course in the C1 level language, to help students gain a comprehensive knowledge about the language and sharpen their German language skills. This level of the German language helps students meet the specialized demands of the industry, and those to study in Germany. This includes an ease while conversing about topics related to research, an improvement in oral presentation skills, and enhancing the writing skills of the student. This German language course exposes students to a more language centered approach, through specific texts and advanced levels of communication.

    Post learning this level, the student can:

    • Understand and infer a variety of challenging texts, pertaining to studies or other abstract topics, and gain meaning from them.
    • Introduce him/her in a fluent manner, without having to search for words and phrases more frequently or noticeably.
    • Make effective use of the language in all fields, be it educational, Professional or personal.
    • Write comprehensive texts, applications and complete other written tasks in a flexible manner.
    • Make clear, comprehensive and well-structured statements and apply them to the necessary fields when required.

    So if you are one of the aspirants looking forwards to honing your German language skills, then get in touch with German language school and watch your dreams turn into reality.

    Advantages Of Learning German From StudyFeeds

    Best German Language Learning Institute In Delhi


    We provide the best teachers in the Industry. All our teachers are highly qualified and have years of German teaching experience.


    Entire training is based on assignments given to trainees for every module and evaluation done by trainers.


    We conduct mock exams to prepare the students for the final exam at Max Mueller Bhavan.

    100% RESULT

    Our teaching technique and syllabus followed assure 100% result in Goethe exams.


    We provide special exam preparation classes to our students and also provide guidance for the exam registration procedure at Max Mueller Bhavan.


    After completion of course, we also provide career counseling and guidance to make sure that our students get the best job placement in the industry.

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    German Language FAQ

    There are 6 levels in German Language:

    1. A1 Level
    2. A2 Level
    3. B1 Level
    4. B2.1 Level
    5. B2.2 Level
    6. C1 Level

    There are two batches:

    1. Weekday Batch (Per Level 1.5 months) – Mon to Fri
    2. Weekend Batch (Per Level 2.5 months) – Sat to Sun

    After Learning B1 level (Interpreter, Teaching in Institutes, BPO)

    After Learning B2.2 level (Translator, Embassy jobs)

    After Learning C1 level (work as a Teacher, Higher Education in Germany)

    Once you clear each level successfully with the required passing criteria we will provide with an appreciation certificate, but the student has to register with Max Muller Goethe to get final certification.

    We can guide you in search of good job opportunities on different job    portals, where you can apply by yourself.

    Yes, but the exam fees should to be paid by the student itself.

    Join The Best German Language Institute In Delhi

    Are you a beginner who wants to learn German? Or are you an intermediate who wants to brush up his German skills? We at Study Feeds offer German language courses that suit the students’ needs and requirements, which make us the top German language institute in Delhi. With continuous practice, mock tests, smart lessons, and interactive sessions, we ensure that the students don’t mug up the words being taught to them, but understand their roots and their essence, which is the secret behind being proficient in German.

    Learning German requires practice, hard work, and the right assistance. With erudite teachers having excellent knowledge of the language, we are able to impart it to the students with utmost perfection. The courses to study the German language are very precisely lined up, from the beginner level to advanced, to be completed within a set duration. We do not believe in restricting knowledge to books and hence conduct German language classes in Delhi that are quite engaging. We prepare students to develop a German accent, to be able to talk fluently in front of natives and any other fluent German speaker.

    We offer a set of German language courses in Delhi, which the students can choose from, and enroll in the course as per their convenience. We keep initiating fresh batches so that the student doesn’t have to fret over the missed out classes due to joining late. We adhere strictly to the Max Mueller Bhavan Curriculum, and also provide guidance regarding the Max Mueller Bhavan exam, with full assistance to its registration procedure.

    Our services do not end here. We also help the students to choose a career path after successful completion of the course and help them find a job offering a handsome salary package. Our teaching methods have proven to be successful and we have achieved 100% results, with our students passing the Goethe examination with flying colors.