Do you have some interest in learning the German culture or are you thinking of joining a German language courses in Delhi to learn the German language?

Well! If you have taken interest in any of the various German-related things, it is certain that you must have heard people saying that ‘Germans are rude’.

But, the question which arisesis whether the saying is true or false. To figure it out, let us look at some of the most famous stereotypes of Germans and find out how they all are so untrue.

  1. Are Germans rude?

The first and foremost thing to clear is whether the Germans are rude or not. Well! The truth is that Germans are quite straightforward which seems like they are being rude.They are so honest with their choice of words that they might end up making you feel embarrassed or bad due to their harsh but true to the point statements.

Another reason why people think they are rude is because they are very strict about following rules. For instance, they would expect you to come on time for a meeting, they would also wait on a red light to cross the road for as long as it requires even if there is no vehicle to be seen far off the road just because it is a bad etiquette.

One more reason which seems quite reasonable is that the Germans tone of speaking sounds quite ferocious which ultimately gives you the impression that Germans are rude. But, tell you the truth, they are actually not!

  1. German is the toughest language to learn

It is yet another big stereotype one always hears in their day-to-day life that learning the German language is one of the toughestlanguages in the world to get a hold of. It is true that German is not very easy to learn but on the contrary, it is also not the toughest language in the world.

There are many other languages which are considered to be more difficult than the German language such as Mandarin, Japanese, etc. Just because the German language seem difficult does not necessarily mean that it is difficult in reality as well.

  1. Germans speak English and won’t help you learn German

A highly common thing to hear from everyone and partially true as well. Majority of the Germans are very well aware of the English language and speak the same in a fluent manner. However, they are not always inclined to speak with each other in English language. They love their native language and feel proud to speak in the German language with each other.However, they speak English only to save the non-German speakers from trying so hard to speak German in front of them and consequently failingin the same.

When it comes to Germans not helping you learn the German language, this very stereotype is absolutely wrong.They are happy to help you learn the German language if you seriously are devoted to do the same. If you are just passing your time and not trying to learn the language with determination, then you cannot blame the Germans for your laziness.


Hence, just ignore the aforementioned German stereotypes and focus on learning the German languagewith the help of the best Germanlanguage institute in Delhi.

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