Are you an aspirant who wants to have proficiency in a language apart from your mother tongue? Well, you’ve knocked the right window. Apart from having an expertise in your own field, being bilingual or multilingual is a major factor that adds value to your resume. It opens up a lot of job opportunities for you earn those big bucks with just learning a foreign language. For example, if you learn the German language by taking up a German language course in cp, not only will you have a proficiency in the same, but will be able to explore a lot of job opportunities that are willing to pay good money.

Did you know that a lot of leading companies that wish to take their businesses to beyond borders? They, however, are unable to do so because of the language barrier that prevails in those countries. To eliminate that very barrier, the multinationals hire candidates that have a proficiency in two or more than two languages. So to meet that demand, it is a must that you learn these languages. Among the 6,500 languages that are spoken in the world presently, we bring you five best languages to learn 2018 that have a tremendous scope in terms of money and freedom:

  1. English

If you are reading this blog, rejoice, as you’re one language down! The popularity of the English language has made it a dominating language in various fields like entertainment, politics, and the media. Globally recognized and accepted, this very language proves to be a treat for companies that wish to expand their operations in countries where English is officially spoken. It is undoubtedly one of the best languages to learn for jobs and we, therefore, suggest you develop an accent for the other English variants as well.

  1. German

Germany is not only famous for its beer and automobiles but also has an edge due to its pluricentric language, German. With more than 95 million German speakers worldwide, the language is also easy to learn as it shares 60 percent of its grammar with English. With opportunities to study and work abroad, the language opens doors to a plethora of opportunities and is the gateway for a smooth educational journey in Germany. So if you wish to explore the roots of the German language, head to the Best German Language Institute in Delhi.

  1. Arabic

The UAE is one of the fastest growing economies in the world due to its soaring businesses, and hence is a gateway to a wide ocean of learning opportunities and a handsome salary. The demand for Arab speakers exceeds its supply, meaning that they need more people who are fluent in the language and proves to be the best language to learn to make money. So what are you waiting for? Learn the language and get ready for an unimaginable experience.

  1. Russian

Russia is one of the fastest growing economies in the world, with a powerful army. Having a tremendous potential for growth, the country makes Russian a second language to learn, with a lot of scope to grow and prosper. So if you wish o work in Russia or take your business to Russia, you must learn Russian.

  1. Mandarin

There is a wrong perception that people hold, that Chinese is the language that people in China speak. That, however, is not true. Mandarin is the official language of China and is also spoken in Singapore and Taiwan. In the search for executives that speak Mandarin, companies have their binoculars on and are willing to pay them a handsome salary to be their PR executives and translators.


Now that we have given you five reasons to be financially strong, you can start with a language of your choice, and trust us, there is no harm in learning more than two languages. It only enhances your profile, your resume, your personality on the whole. Choose the best foreign language to learn for jobs, and do not look back as you watch your success graph soar upwards.

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