There is no denying the fact that the world is full of superstitions that people actually follow as well. Although some superstitions differ from one country to another, when it comes to preventing bad luck, people often believe every type of superstition no matter which part of the world it belongs to.

If you are planning to take up a German language course in Delhi, then you must also know about some of the topmost superstitions of Germany.

  1. Shaking hands with chimney sweeper

Germans consider shaking hands with the chimney sweeper brings good fortune. It is believed that getting the creosote cleaned from the chimneys bring back good fortune in the house. This is why German people tend to shake hands with the chimney sweeper.

  1. Toasting with water

In Germany, one must never toast with water even for a joke. If you do so, it is said that you are wishing for your drinking buddies’ death which will certainly not go well with your pals at all.

  1. Knocking on table

When you are about to greet your German buddies, instead of waving your hand, knock on the table. Why so? Well! As per legend, tables were traditionally made of oak which was considered a holy tree. As the demons cannot touch the oak according to folklore, knocking on the table proved that the individual is not a devil. So, the Germans prove themselves to be human by greeting their acquaintances by knocking on the table.

  1. Spitting fellow theatre artists

Another famous superstition of Germany requires spitting on the left shoulder of the fellow theatrical artist once everyone is in their costume. However, instead of spitting actual phlegm, they just say “ToiToiToi”.

  1. Gifting knives

If you are planning to gift someone a knife, then you better stop right now because you are going to make a grave mistake. Germans do not appreciate if anybody gifts them knives because it will mean that the person is wishing them and their entire family injury or death.

  1. Gifting bread and salt at housewarming parties

In Germany, when you are invited to somebody’s housewarming party, you are supposed to gift them bread and salt. This is so because it is believed that bread and salt assure that the people living in the new house never go hungry at their new home.

  1. Pressing thumbs for good luck

If you want to wish luck to the Germans, instead of crossing your fingers or showing the thumbs-up, considering pressing your thumbs with your fingers. In ancient Rome, a thumbs-up referred for the gladiator to be executed and a pressed thumb signified that they should live. Hence, the Germans wish luck for the other by pressing their thumbs with their fingers.


So, the above-mentioned superstitions are the most common ones that are widely believed throughout Germany. Now, you must remember all these superstitions while interacting with a German because you might see these superstitions as nothing but something to laugh at, however, the majority of the Germans take these superstitions very seriously. Now, take help of one of the best German language institutes in Delhi and proceed with your German language learning.

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